The basic aim in Rugby League is to ground the ball in the oppositions in goal area.  A team is given six attempts to score with the ball while it has possession.

To prevent the team from grounding the ball in your in goal area, you can tackle the player until the referee shouts ‘held’.

When the tackle is over the tackler must get up and wait for the tackled player to roll the ball to dummy half which is the player receiving the ball being rolled from the tackled player.

Grounding the ball is called a TRY is worth 4 points, a CONVERSION is a kick through the posts after a try and is worth 2 points.

Kicking the ball through the posts while the game in play is called a DROP-GOAL is worth 1 point.

A scrum is a group of players binding onto each other contesting to reset the play.  A scrum can be called for when someone has forward passed, knocked on or is accidentally offside. A knock on is when a player has had the ball rebounded off their arms or hands.  A penalty is awarded for many reasons if the player fails to follow the rules of rugby league.

Goals can also be scored when a penalty is awarded to a team.

Games last 80 minutes consisting of two forty minute halves.  Each team has 13 players and 4 substitutes.

At the end of the game, whichever team has the most points, wins.

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